Pierre Klossowski: The Flesh of the Spirit. An Anthology of Essays

In this book, The Notion of Economy, The Conspiracy of Art in the Contemporary World, as well as Literary Eroticism are explored.

The essays are accompanied by photographs and illustrations for a complete reading, bringing the reader closer to an enigmatic universe where Pierre Klossowski’s simulacra are housed.

Essays by: Borja Cortés, Israel Torres, Jason Jenkins, Jeremy Bell, Maritza M. Buendía. Photographs: Michel Delsol. Illustrations: Clay Kline, Mel Mares, Stefan Prince.

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Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams introduces us to the author’s experimental writing in which, through stories, he presents us with a hopeless vision of the world, where the characters are immersed in situations of violence, crime, desolation and mystery.

These are Followed by ”Experimental Writings” which collects the author’s poems, along with his intimate thoughts and a story that pays tribute to the writer Pierre Klossowski on the 20th anniversary of his death.


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Much has been told about love and how it is related to obsession, fear, sex and death.
The present work invites us to travel through a story where love, taken to its excesses, reflects a death drive.
Based on three erotic perspectives: the sensuality of bodies, passionate hearts and religious fanaticism.
Delve into a story full of pain, pleasure and loneliness.

Pauline is a book influenced by the ideas of Georges Bataille where transgression takes place in the intimate life of the characters, generating a dangerous passion.